22 amazing DIY Crafts Ideas

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There are numerous arts and craft projects that can engage kids and nurture their creativity. Check out these 22 amazing Crafts that are perfect for all ages.

Dreamy String Art

Make this beautiful wall art in no time. Details

Balloon Car

When the cars are made, plan on having races with them. Details

Easter Hat

Better start planning a Spring tea party with the little girls. Details

Sandpaper and Crayon T-Shirt Art

The sandpaper and crayon method is easy to do and inexpensive. Details

Pencil Holder

It can be used on a desk in a home or office. Details

Advent Tree

This Advent tree would be a nice project for the home or a classroom. Details

DIY Mason Jar Turkey Craft

It is super easy and fun to make out of a mason jar, glitter, wiggly eyes and the pack of colorful feathers. Details

Tea Time Mason Jar

It is so much fun to make and give gifts in a jar. Details


Little boys especially will enjoy making this alligator. Details

United States Flag

Let the children show their patriotism by making flags with popsicle sticks. Details

Coffee Filter Peonies Flowers

Make them for free at home using the coffee filters and that too in your favorite colors. Details

DIY Polka Dot Glassware

Outstanding way to bring polka dots to your home this summer. Details

Fish In a Bag Slime

Regular slime is fun and all but this, well, it’s a step above the rest. Details

Fish in a Bag Slime

Melted Crayon Art

Let your kids make their first masterpiece with melted crayon. Details

Luggage Tags

Keep your kid’s energy at bay by crafting personalized luggage tags. Details

DIY Paper Bracelets

Kids cut the paper into strips and fold them into wearable art. Details

Memory Game

Make your own popsicle stick memory game. Details

Popsicle Stick Recipe Holder

A handmade recipe holder for your moms. Details

Snowflake Ornament

Make this easy snowflake ornament using craft sticks and buttons. Details

DIY Slime With Toothpaste

The slime is super easy to make yourself at home and cheap too. Details

Stick Critters

The kids will love making and playing with them. Details

Puppet Theater

Love this puppet theater because you can make so many different characters with craft sticks. Details