21 easy DIY cleaning ideas

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Whether you’re looking to save money or live more naturally, making your own homemade cleaners can help! Check out these 21 DIY cleaning ideas that might help you this weekend.

Get permanent marker off wood easily

Easy hack for wood floors or furniture have fallen victim to permanent marker. Details

clean bed pillows

A good idea to give entire pillows a good spring cleaning. Details

Get rid of the mildew stink from your towels

Simply use vinegar and run the towels with regular wash cycle to get rid of the funky smell. Details

DIY Car Freshener

Pour some Downy Unstoppable into a small wedding favor bag to create your own car air freshener.  Details

Clean Hardwood Floors

Cleaning wood floors is is pretty simple and easy with this trick. Details

Clean Gunk and Grime from Kitchen Cabinets

Keep your clean cabinets looking gorgeous with this amazing hack. Details

Remove Lingering Odors

Just mix some lemon juice with baking soda. Details

Clean a Fiberglass Bathtub

Use the Magic Eraser on the shower stall and tub it takes off even the toughest soap scum build-up.  Details

Lemon/Orange Kool-Aid

it’s collecting dust or you’re tired of looking at it, then clean your toilet with it. Details

Vinegar Soak

Get build up off of your shower head, soak it in vinegar for 15 minutes. Details

Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

Combine a solution of 1 cup of water, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide and 2 tablespoons baking soda. Details

Vinegar For Disinfecting Your Refrigerator

Use a soft cloth to scrub any grime or molds if present. Details

Kill Weeds With Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural weed and unwanted grass killer. Try this will help you control weeds with vinegar. Details

Glass shower doors

Use a sponge soaked in vinegar to rub down glass shower doors and remove soap scum and hard water stains.

Treat For Your Skin

Want to freshen up your complexion and maintain an overall healthy tone, apply vinegar face mask. Details

Baking Glass Dishes Sparkle

Simply use safe ingredients like tea tree soap, aluminum foil, baking soda, water and a tooth brush. Details

Cleaning the tiles

Vinegar removes most dirt without scrubbing and doesn’t leave a film. Details

Oily Messes

Those oily messes will be gone in a flash use this easy method. Details

clean shower head

Fill a ziploc bag with distilled white vinegar, then use an elastic band to secure the bag to the shower head. Details

Clean up cast iron pot

Using Coca Cola to clean up my cast iron pot made it easy to remove the rust. Details