18 amazing DIY cleaning tips

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Making sure that your home is clean is more important now than ever due to cold and flu season. That’s why we’ve compiled 18 amazing DIY cleaning tips that will help you get your home cleaned in no time.

1. DIY Disinfectant Spray

Combine the vinegar and water into the spray bottle. Details

2. DIY Disinfectant Wipes

Simply take one cloth out and use it wipe down surfaces in your home. Details

3. Use Your Dishwasher To Disinfect Toys

Quickly and efficiently clean your kid’s toys, then place them in dishwasher and let it run through a full cycle. Details

4. Remove Candle Wax

All you need is paper towel Iron, Normal Towel and any washing powder/soap/liquid. Details

5. Remove Crayon From Walls

Get rid of the crayon stain without removing any paint from the wall. Details

6. Remove Stains From Clothes

Clean the excess stain liquid immediately in no time. Details

7. Eliminate pesticides off Produce

Get rid of pesticides, dirt, from conventional produce by washing them using baking soda. Details

8. Homemade Liquid Toilet Cleaner

Use a toilet scrub brush to spread the cleaner all around your toilet bowl and flush when you’re done cleaning. Details

9. DIY Stain Kit

Blast away stains at any moment with your own DIY stain removal kit. Details

10. Unclog Kitchen Sink

Unclog your kitchen drain naturally in no time. Details

11. Clean Burnt-on Grease

Spray vinegar all over it, and let it sit for 10 mins. Details

12. Homemade Lemon Disinfectant Spray

Transfer the mixture to a spray bottle and start using the cleaner around the house.  Details

13. Clean Electric Kettle with Cola

Simply empty a can of coke in the kettle and bring it to boil. Details

14. Disinfect your Refrigerator

Use a soft cloth to scrub any grime or molds if present. Details

15. DIY Bleach

Mix the water, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and lemon juice together in a spray bottle. Details

16.  Clean fiddly shaped bottles

Pour a handful of rice in the bottle followed by a bowl of warm water and a teaspoon of detergent. Details

17. Clean Windows, Window Sills

Clean your curtains using a steam cleaner or you can also wash your curtains manually. Details

18. DIY Reusable Disinfecting Wipes

Just take one of the cloths out of the jar, and when you’re done cleaning, wash the cloth with your laundry.  Details