17 Best Home Cleaning Ideas

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These awesome budget cleaning hacks are guaranteed to save your time and money.

clean window tracks

Some baking soda, vinegar, an old toothbrush, and some rags are all that’s needed to make them look like new. Details

Clean the dryer vent

All it takes is a vacuum and a kit purchased online. Details

DIY Swiffer pads

A DIY Swiffer pad that’s amazing at grabbing gunk off the floors. Details

deep-clean the washing machine

No harsh chemicals are required, just baking soda and vinegar. Details

Clean the walls

Simply all you do is damp washcloth draped over a broom. Details

Clean Legos

Germ-free by tossing Legos in a mesh bag and running them through a gentle wash cycle. Details

Remove carpet stains

All you need is water, dish soap, vinegar, and a secret weapon iron will banish old carpet stains in no time. Details

Make stainless steel appliances shine

Simply use thin coat of mineral or baby oil. Details

Clean stove burners

Overnight soak in a sealed bag of ammonia and boom clean stove burners. Details

Polishing a stainless steel sink

Simply wipe out any leftover flour with a dry cloth. Details

Cleaning and deodorizing a smelly washing machine

Use some bleach, citric acid, or vinegar to an empty washing machine, set the hottest wash cycle, and let it clean itself. Details

Cleaning the washing machine drum

Clean out the drum of your washing machine thoroughly with a solution of water, baking soda, and vinegar. Details

Removing stains from furniture

Sprinkle some baking soda on your furniture, Let it sit for 20 minutes. Details

Cleaning leather furniture

Use shoe polish to repair scratches on your leather sofas, ottomans, chairs, etc. Details

Cleaning microfiber furniture

Spray some rubbing alcohol onto the dirty area, and rub with a clean sponge. Details

Cleaning lampshades

Keep your fabric lampshades free of dust with an adhesive lint roller. Details